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Suite 3-101 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, IL 60056

Jack Cartwright

Web Site:    www.jackcartwright.com


Contact:     customerservice@jackcartwright.com


Phone:     800-890-9177


Online  Price List:     http://www.jackcartwright.com/html/priceLists.html


Printed Price List:    Effective 07/01/2011     Supplement  Effective 01/01/2012


Freight:     6% of total COM list to Illinois and Wisconsin   Min $90 NET


Textile Program:     Graded-in Textile program includes all current fabrics offered by ArcCom, Architex, Paul Brayton Designs, DesignTex, Maharam and The Momentum Group.

Please refer to the pdfs provided for a list of the patterns offered with corresponding JCI grades.